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WIM Signed up with Swiss Labour Assistance on SMILE Project

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Coca-Cola's 5by20 programme named Best Global initiative for Women's Economic Empowerment

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WIM donated 1500 library books to Kashepa Maha Vidyala Pollonnaruwa

Women in Management

Management Training

WIM training programmes are oriented around what's good for people, rather than what's profitable for organizations.

The reason for this is that in terms of learning, training and development, what's good for people is good for the organizations in which they work. What's good for people's development is good for organizational performance, quality, customer satisfaction, effective management and control, and therefore profits too.

Profit is an outcome of managing and developing people well. People and their development enable profit. Enable people and you enable profit.

Organizations which approach training and development from this standpoint inevitably foster people who perform well and progress, and, importantly, stay around for long enough to become great at what they do, and to help others become so.

Training is a very commonly used word, but learning is in many ways a better way to think of the subject, because learning 'belongs' to the learner, whereas training traditionally 'belongs' to the trainer or the organization.

Training should be about whole person development - not just transferring skills, the traditional interpretation of training at work.

Being realistic, corporate attitudes and expectations about what 'training' is and does cannot be changed overnight, and most organizations still see 'training' as being limited to work skills, classrooms and PowerPoint presentations. However, when you start to imagine and think and talk about progressive attitudes to developing people - beyond traditional skills training - for example:

  • enabling learning
  • facilitating meaningful personal development
  • helping people to identify and achieve their own personal potential

Then you will surely begin to help the organization (and CEO) to see and accept these newer ideas about what types of 'learning and development' really work best and produces class-leading organizations.

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