Message from the Top50 Asian Awards Chair

I consider myself privileged to be appointed as the chairperson for the first Top50 Asian Awards organized by Women in Management, which is yet another great idea of our chairperson and founder Dr. Sulochana Segera. Since 2009, Women in Management has organized and hosted the Professional and Career Women Awards in Sri Lanka, which has become an influential and inspiring awards programme in Sri Lanka.

With the global response and the recognition that WIM has received over a decade since opening chapters in the Maldives, Canada and Pakistan, WIM decided to organise an Asian Awards ceremony in Malaysia, for which there has been an overwhelming response.

As we all know, women’s contribution to the economy and their education is on the rise in Sri Lanka and in the Asian region that has seen an increase in female talent in many industries. The Asian Awards will recognise 50 women under 6 segments. I am sure the selection of the most worthy winner will not be an easy task for our judging panel, nevertheless this award will inspire the winners and enhance their profiles. Just like the winners at WIM Top50 Professional and Career Women Awards become a brand in their own right, the winners of the newly initiated Asian Awards will also be brands.

For WIM this is a landmark initiative as it unveils another memorable event to recognise talented and dynamic women internationally by celebrating the success of more women. After all, we are the ideal example to the world on achieving balance between work and family.

Participating countries are Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, the Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, Canada and Malaysia.

I truly believe that “women are the ones who spread kindness and love to the universe”.

Hiranthi Karunatilake
WIM Asian Awards