WIM Celebrates Women’s Day by empowering next generation workforce with career awareness in Ampara

Women in Management who always leads change for women and youth celebrated International Women's day by taking traditional women forums out of Colombo. Under the theme of #Betterforbalance, they took the real international meaning of the theme: i.e. Gender balance in workplace where majority of the next generation workforce needs to be aware of Job availability for women and skill requirements for employment.

The program was held on 15th March 2019 at Ampara Divisional Secretariat, 250 A/L school girls from Ampara participated for this workshop. The Chairperson of Women in Management Dr. Sulochana Segera said "There is a huge gap between unskilled and skilled employees in our local job market. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness about Job descriptions and roles of employment. Females are the highest in unemployment and also their contribution to economy is still 36%, this is due to the traditional roles they are following and also rural young women have less opportunities to expose to the private sector employment opportunities. Even corporates focus towards rural only for “Blue Collar” employment. They do not receive any opportunity apart from government universities and government jobs. To show them there are opportunities for them to be employed and how to receive skills to be competent on Job market was the vision."

WIM Team who mentored these 250 girls is Dr. Sulochana Segera, Nilani Seneviratne (WIM EXCO President), Amali Mendia - General Manager Regency Teas, Ramya Weerakoon - CEO Infotechs, Dr. Ruvanthi De Silva - Consultant/Director SCM Plus, Pushpa Samarakkodi – Director Marketing Rivira publications in partnership with YouLead and Women in Work. Programme Co-ordinator Nilam Samsudeen of Women in Management.