"Blessed Kids" Project - Scholarship Program

20 Children belonging to Women headed Households
Monaragala, Up Country Plantation Sector and Killinochchi

Purpose of these Scholarships

WIM has realized in Sri Lanka, that Single Mothers unforeseen and out of wedlock pregnancy is a transgression of local cultural, social and religious norms. A redundant discrimination that adds to a young single mother’s burden of responsibility and allows a single mistake to destroy the lives of the women and their children. Many children of Single Mothers drop out from schools without completing their O/L’s and/or A/L’s due to lack of finance support and also many fail due to lack of tutorial support to pass the examinations. Therefore, the children of Single Mother’s tend to get married before the age of 18 years, become drug addicts or choose the job of drug seller or unskilled employment without a permanent income.

This project will enable 20 children to complete their O/L or A/L studies with required extra classes and stationeries.

Selection Criteria

WIM will directly work with relevant Division Secretariats and schools to identify the most suitable children for the said scholarship Program. WIM as a policy will not only focus on bright students, we will be more focus on children who are behind their studies and need some assistance. Request Application should be signed by the School principle and the Mother and submit with a copy of the Birth Certificate to WIM Single Mother Unit.

How to Donate to a Child

Monthly Basis per Child LKR 3,250/-

Per Year per Child LKR 39,000/-

Pay Online to the Bank
A/c Name : Women in Management (Pvt) Ltd (Single Mother Project)
A/c No : 204-1-001-200-13158
Bank : Peoples Bank
Bank Code : 7135
Branch Code : 204

Donation Form Link : https://forms.gle/bRNVFXfvDPzDDVLs8