"WOW Women" Project

We have planned to assist 200 young single mothers (between age of 20 - 40 years) under this program. We will provide entrepreneurship and innovative marketing skills, life skills, assistance on personality development and counseling and knowledge for them to rebuild their lives and support their families.

These programs will be carried out in rural areas of Sri Lanka offering them market places for their products, so that they will have a sustainable social enterprise to live with dignity and can become independent in the society.

During the programs we will be providing meals, equipment and stationeries. Further, we will be closely monitoring their businesses for about 6 months, to ensure its progress and sustainability.

Plantation Project / Cosmetics Jewelry Making Project

Workshop Duration : 03 days (along with 3 follow-up days after concluding the workshop)
No of Participants : 30 participants at a time
Investment of the project : LKR 200,000

Meals for 06 days for 30 women

Resources Person, Transport and Accommodation

Cost of cause material (equipment & stationary)

Cost of raw materials for training and to start the business

Donate for the Project

A/c Name : Women in Management (Pvt) Ltd (Single Mother Project)
A/c No : 204-1-001-200-13158
Bank : Peoples Bank
Bank Code : 7135
Branch Code : 204

Donation Form Link : https://forms.gle/bRNVFXfvDPzDDVLs8