To provide and facilitate opportunities for Sri Lankan origins living in Canada to further their careers and achieve full potential in their chosen field. Act as a key resource to assist others to overcome challenges and obstacles related to personal well-being, family life, academic, professional and business issues.


To provide career guidance, counseling, moral support, placement assistance and mentoring to ensure that everyone can achieve career goals and objectives in the most efficient and dignified manner. “We will help those who dare to dream big’;

To conduct seminars, workshops and guest speaker activities to support and facilitate professional development, Canadian Business Cultures/Values, evolution of technology and current job market trends to keep the members very current and marketable in the job market. To inspire WIM to act as a conduit to transform the role Sri Lankan origin in career and business into a dynamic and economically empowered force and as a major contributor to the economy in Canada;

To provide a very active and supportive network system in Canada to facilitate a platform for Sri Lankan origin to meet, interact and consult with well accomplished and established seniors in multiple fields including entrepreneurship;

To establish a group of seniors amongst the Sri Lankan origin professionals who can assist and counsel who are faced with physical and mental/psychological challenges due to;

     Sicknesses such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes,

     Professional and social issues such as work layoff, work stress and discrimination, and

     Personal issues such as family abuse, economic hardship due to job loss or a family tragedy;

To liaise with other registered Sri Lankan Associations in Canada on projects and programs that meet the values and objectives of WIM Sri Lanka – Canada chapter and such Associations;

At the request of the WIM Sri Lanka, to assist in conducting workshops, seminars, specific professional & business educational sessions, confidence building workshops, global economic & job trends and opportunities to explore and establish business opportunities and much more to provide the professionals and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka the opportunity to advance in their chosen career and business with pride and dignity as well as to be that much more marketable in the global market.