Top 50 Professional & Career Women Awards

Celebrates the achievements of remarkable women who inspire those around them - either through the media, their astounding achievements in their careers, businesses and everyday lives.

Women Top 50 Conference

Top Awardees Nationally & Internationally sharing their failures for success.

Single Mother Project

Since the inception in year 2010, we have empowered 20,000 mothers and children in the nation!
Sponsor a Child of a Single Mother

Institute of Women in Management

IWIM organizes global certification training and offers exclusive local programs designed by Professionals that meet International Standards.

Plain-T with Sulo

Hosted by Dr. Sulochana Segera. Talk-show on Personalities, Corporate Successors, Politicians, Diplomats, Social Workers and Ordinary people.

WIM International Chapters

Recognizing women who have excelled in their careers, professions and businesses across the world; and thereby pave the way to further promoting their businesses and practices among all communities.

About Women in Management


Dedicated to the success of women our purpose and mission is to;

Further the professional development of managerial and entrepreneurial women currently employed in established careers, which include managerial responsibilities, through the association of its members, through educational and training opportunities, and through the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Promote higher standards and to increase the status, authority, and influence of managerial and entrepreneurial women.

Establish new Chapters and maintain a liaison among the individual members, Chapters, and Organization.

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Define Success: Does it have to be about the C Suite?

We want to break barriers and become successful as they can both personally and professionally. But, does success look the same to everyone? While many assume all women are striving for the title of CEO, does that have to be your main aspiration? How can we support women who want to take a break on their trek up the corporate ladder? How do we support those that prefer to stop altogether on a mid-level rung? How does work/life balance play into your notion of success?

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The Global Banking & Finance Awards® UK Recognizes WIM Chairperson as the 'Business Woman Of the Year Sri Lanka 2020'

The Global Banking & Finance Awards® UK recently announced Dr. Sulochana Segera as the winner of 'Business Woman of the Year Sri Lanka'. 2020 marks the first time a Sri Lankan female entrepreneur has been recognized as a winner of the Awarded and listed on the Global Banking & Finance Review website.

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Covid-19 Impact on Women owned Businesses Globally

Women in Management in Partnership with International Finance Corporation conducted a insightful online panel discussion with eight (8) professional and business women leaders from Sri Lanka, South Asia, Maldives, Malaysia, USA, Canada and UK.

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