Free Breakfast Kitchen

A program to feed a healthy meal for less privileged people in Sri Lanka. Tuesday and Thursdays the #wimhfk will be operating and will be providing breakfast to 50 - 60 people in Colombo. The sponsorship cost of a day's breakfast will be Rs. 12,000/-.

This was initiated to support the health system to acute malnutrition. The program's objective is to provide a healthy balanced breakfast to children, elders and daily workers who skip their breakfast due to poverty in the western province. Many of the people who live in low-income housing, municipal council workers and street workers have only one meal a day and also many of them sleep on shift basis.

If you wish to sponsor a meal for those less fortunate, use the link below:

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For more details please contact: Nilam Samsudeen on +94 772307356 or write to us on [email protected]