Free Breakfast Kitchen

The Free Breakfast Program is, today, far more than just a breakfast delivery mechanism but a community support program committed to supplying a healthy meal to less privileged people in Sri Lanka daily. This is often their only food that day.

The program now feeds and supports the community 6 days a week with meal packets, delivery of dry food goods to pregnant women, and the provision of meal packets and milk to school children, the elderly and infants. We now feed over 15,500 people a year. With over 11 years of charitable support in the same community zones of Colombo, we have deep connections with the needs of the community and we work with our fully funded kitchen to provide as much food as our funds allow. We rely on our charitable donations to maintain this critical work which often delivers the only meal the recipient eats that day. Every donation we receive allows us to directly reach more people with meals that week.

The program was initiated to support the health system to acute malnutrition, however as the current economic crisis deepens across Sri Lanka, the basic daily need is more than ever and the number of people needing meal support is increasing exponentially. The sponsorship cost of a day's meal for 45 people is Rs. 12,000 LKR (Sri Lankan Rupees).

Your donation will go directly to help provide meals for those in need today. Please do support our work by using the secure donation link below:

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For more details please contact: Nilam Samsudeen on +94 772307356 or write to us on [email protected]